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The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nectarios
Battersea, London
Regular services

Sunday8:30-11:30 - Matins & Liturgy
(in Greek & English

Tuesday: Supplication Service 19:00-20:00
(in Greek, English, Romanian)

Saturday: Matins & Liturgy
(in English, 1st Sat of the month in Romanian)

Please consult the services calendar for full details of Lent and Easter services as well as any changes to the above

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Saint Nectarios, or Saint Nektarios of Aegina is a Greek Orthodox Saint who is  revered in the Eastern Orthodox Church. He was a 20th-century Greek bishop known for his spiritual teachings and philanthropy. He is renowned for his humility and miracles, he is venerated as a healing saint and a guiding light in the Orthodox Christian tradition.

St. Nectarios, Repentance and Confession:

“Come, not some person, but everyone who has worries, who has sorrows, who has sins. Come, not so that I may demand accountability, but so that I may loosen your sins. Come, not because I am in need of your praise, but because I desire your salvation; for I will give you rest.”

"If you don't know anything about Saint Nectarios know this: He forgave"

His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas, 9 November, 2023, Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nectarios, Battersea, London

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